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 We can also provide secure warehouse storage for all your belongings.  All items are inventoried, individually wrapped in moving pads,  placed in our secured storage vaults and then sealed.  On average, each vault will hold between 1 to 1.5 rooms of furniture.  Extra bulky or odd pieces may require a vault by themselves. 

Please note that all items placed in our warehouse are considered secured and may only be accessed by company personnel.  The general public is not permitted in our warehouse for any reason due to security and insurance purposes.  Any items that the customer may need out of storage can be obtained, however there is a one hour minimum labor fee to retrieve the item(s).  This fee is necessary because it will require 2 men to open the vault(s), remove the article(s), repack the vault(s), and seal them.  If there are items that you know you will need, it may be better not to store these pieces.

 If the customer wishes to pick up their belongings instead of having us deliver them they may do so.  All of their goods can be removed from the vaults and placed at our customer pick up door.