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Local Moves:

Local moving charges are based upon hourly rates.  The rate begins when the crew arrives at your home and covers the total time of the move:  the loading, driving to new location and the unloading.  Additional stops between locations are included in the total moving time and there are no extra charges for multiple stops.

In addition to the hourly rate, there is a one-time fee called a travel fee.  This charge covers the movers cost (fuel & labor cost for our men) for traveling from our location to your home, and back to our facility once the move is completed.  This charge is at the same rate as the hourly rate and usually totals a half hour to an hour charge.

  A general rule is that it usually takes between 1 to 1.5 hours per fully furnished room to complete most moves.  However, your move could take less or more time due to a variety of factors such as: the actual amount of items that you own, lots of stairs, walking distance to the truck, elevators, and most importantly, the home owners ability to have all packing done and being ready to move that day.  Please call our office to talk to one of our trained professionals about your individual moving needs.  They will go over our moving procedures, current rates and determine the proper amount of labor needed to complete your move.